Simple version of scallion sea cucumber

Author:UbiseeDate:February 2, 2016

The sea cucumber with dry sea cucumber is commonly seen Dry sea cucumber transportation is convenient, easy to store, is also a gift And and ready-to-eat sea cucumber, dried sea cucumber soaked after sealed packaging, open bags of instant Will see live near the sea, the general sea cucumber, live sea cucumber cooking is difficult, has stored to live sea cucumber cooking is bad would like elastic inedible, deposit is bad, sea cucumber will melt.

Ingredients: water sea cucumber, green Chinese onion, coriander, ginger
sauce: fuel, rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper


1. The soaked sea cucumber slices Green Chinese onion, cut wide silk, parsley section
2. The hot pot of cold oil super soft spring onion and coriander
3. Spring onion blossom into sea cucumber
4. Fry the onion after blossom into the sea cucumber to add two spoons of soy sauce, two spoons of rice wine, and two spoons of sugar with a spoonful of fuel consumption, and stir-fry until the juice, then sprinkle black pepper, salt can put don’t put
5. Open to eat